No matter where you go, there you are.

Crunchyroll Expo 2018


It’s great to meet you, thanks for coming by my page. I’m Adam and we’re already that much closer to be being friends. *fist bump*

Character stats:

  • STR: +1
  • DEX: -1
  • CON: +1
  • WIS: -1
  • INT: +2
  • CHA: +4

A bit about me:

Born in Oxford England, grew up in Southern New England, spent a good amount of time in DFW Texas, and now residing in The Bay Area living with wife and 4 cats with a daughter in college (some of these are rescues). As far back as I can remember pop-culture in some form or another has been a large part of my life. From my mother taking me to see Godzilla films and other movies like Star Wars at our local library on Saturday mornings when I was barely five years old to my first job out of college driving around the country in a Hummer H1 covered in Dragon Ball Z graphics managing mall tours. Anime, video games, comics, movies, music, action figures, conventions, etc. – this is a world I hope never to leave.

Professionally I’ve spent over two decades honing my craft in the marketing and events management of this world. Three years of working in brand management over a multitude of different brands. Four years of online marketing for a flagship website, SVOD service, and video apps learning to become one with the internet. Twenty+ years of conventions, tours, and events management where I learned more about this industry than I ever thought possible. Including founding a convention, film program, and an award show.

Even with all this experience I am always looking for what’s next. What new challenges, opportunities, strategies, tests, failures, engagements, discoveries, and over all exciting new things to work on next is what keeps me going. It is both humbling and exhilarating to be able to do work that can make someone have a positive emotional experience with a brand. A true gift that I will never take for granted and I am proud to be a part of each and every day.

TLDR: I’m a life long nerd that some how turned this into a career

If you are wanting to connect here is where you can find me!

  • Twitter – Where I spend most of my time
  • Instagram – I put photos here from time to time
  • LinkedIn – work stuff blah, blah, blah
  • My Blog – haven’t updated it in a long while but still some good stuff (click the links on the top right)