7 things I’ve been doing to try and help since the election

I could easily go on a rant about what happen last Tuesday night, seems to be the main thing in most peoples feeds this week.  How people are reacting, rampant false news stories, or how we’re about to have a white nationalist in the White House soon. I’m not going to because those are the loudest things out there right now and frankly, I’ve already seen people sharing their thoughts way better than I could ever do so. I’m not saying any of these things are not important, they are, just that I can’t add anything to the conversation that you (hopefully) haven’t seen already.
What I think I can add is what I’ve been doing this week to try and start to make things better.  I’m hoping you have seen lists like this in other places as well already. As I just stated I’m not interested in adding to the noise. Reinforcing things we can all do to make the scary road ahead better, I’m all for.
I want to add that I’m still learning as I go with this. So this list is what I’m doing so far. Working to make this a better list is also part of the plan. Learn, try, adjust, repeat.  So here goes, 7 things I’ve been doing to make tomorrow better since the election.

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